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cannabis plant with the word indica crossed out and sativa sloppily written because the terms are incorrect and used by simpletons who don't really understand marijuana

False Advertising: Indica & Sativa Don’t Exist, It’s Just Marketing

The terms indica & sativa are just marketing to get you spend more money – In this journey, we unveil the surprising marketing myth that’s been keeping you in the dark. But that’s not all – we’ll introduce you to the revolutionary world of “Type 1,” “Type 2,” and “Type 3” cannabis, where understanding your high becomes an art. Ready to embark on a mind-bending exploration of how cannabis categorization is shifting?

what is thca the420lifestyle what is thca hemp flower concentrates

Decoding The Science: What Is THCA?

Uncover the confusion surrounding THCA, the precursor to the renowned THC, and learn how it transforms through decarboxylation. Explore the rising trend of legal hemp THCA flower and concentrates and its implications.