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Legalization News

Stay updated on the evolving legal landscape of cannabis worldwide. Our articles keep you informed about regulatory changes and the progress of legalization efforts.

News: The Leaked HHS Letter – Is Uncle Sam Finally Chilling on Cannabis?

Discover the potential shift in federal cannabis policy sparked by a leaked HHS letter. Explore the implications for cannabis rescheduling, enhanced research opportunities, improved access to medical cannabis, and the evolving federal-state legal landscape. Stay informed about the changing cannabis narrative in the United States. Learn more in our article

Marijuana News California Approves Cannabis Cafes

News: California Senate Greenlights Cannabis Cafes

California is on the brink of a cannabis cafe revolution! A Senate vote is clearing the path for these unique spaces where you can enjoy strains alongside delicious non-cannabis treats. Assemblymember Matt Haney’s AB 374 is behind this exciting development, promising live music, tasty food, and a fresh cannabis experience. Dive into California’s progressive cannabis policies, from adult psychedelics to worker protections. The Golden State is making waves!